French Press!

French Press is a great option for freshly brewed coffee!

We have a perfect blend suitable for French Press and we'll grind it freshly for you at the right coarseness.

Here's a guide on how to prepare your coffee

A good starting point for dosage is a 1:12 ratio. That's approximately 30 grams (3-4 tablespoons) of ground coffee to 350mls of boiled water! After trying this dose, you may want to adjust it to your personal taste for a stronger or weaker coffee.

1. Pour boiling water in your French Press to preheat 2. Empty out water and add your ground coffee 3. Pour approximately double the amount of coffee and stir gently. Example if you have 30 grams of coffee, add 60 mls of water. Let sit for 30 seconds 4. Pour the remaining boiled water, stir gently and place the lid on top. Do not plunge yet! Let it steep for 4 minutes. 5. Press down the filter slowly all the way down. You'll feel a slight resistance as you plunge.

Your coffee is ready to enjoy👌☕ visit our site to shop our range of coffee and other products

Drink with Ease using our fresh roasted coffee!

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